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Important Notes

For Booking of Land Packages:


Please take note of the following condition

- Your booking is not confirmed until you have received a booking reference from aTIS Global.
- aTIS Global Pte Ltd will not hold any responsibility for last minute booking.
- For Local Customers: Bookings must be made at least 3 working days prior to departure date.
- For Overseas Customers: Bookings via email must be at least 7 days prior to departure date.
- Your booking is subject to individual package conditions, Terms and Conditions.


Packages Sales Terms and Conditions


01. Travel Insurance

For your protection against any contingency or emergency during your journey, passengers are strongly advised to purchase a travel insurance policy.
We offers Travel Insurance which provides a wide and comprehensive range of insurance coverage.
02. Accuracy of Passenger Details 

• It is passenger's responsibility to provide Atis Global Pte Ltd with the correct exact spelling of names for booking as per shown on the passenger's passport.
• It is passenger's responsibility to check carefully for any errors or omissions in the flight details on your itinerary and air tickets IMMEDIATELY upon receiving them.
• Please note that passengers may be denied from boarding flight in the event if any mistakes or discrepancy is identified upon check-in at the airport.
03. Entry / Transit Visas Requirements
• It is very important for you to ensure all necessary Entry or Transit Visas are valid and ready to enter to the country of destination and the applicable stopover destinations.
• Transit Visas must be duly obtained if airline's route involves transiting or stopover at another country.
• Example: A flight to New Zealand may require to stopover in Australia, and would require passenger to have a Visa for travelling into Australia.
• Atis Global Pte Ltd is ready to provide the relevant information with regards to the Entry / Transit Visas Requirements. However, it is passenger's responsibility to ensure all relevant documents are obtain in proper order and meet all Entry / Transit Visas Requirements.
04. Passport Validity

• It is passenger's responsibility to ensure that your passport have at least 7 months of validity before date of expiry upon completion of the return journey.
• Biometric Passport is required for all Singapore Passport holders traveling to USA.
05. Ticket Collection Deadline & Auto Cancellation Flight Bookings

• As Atis Global Pte Ltd does not require any upfront deposit or immediate payment at the point of booking for flights (Unless it is a special airline promotion that requires immediate payment for ticket issuance upon booking.), we would like to encourage you to contact us early before your assigned ticketing deadline is due, so as to have proper facilitation of the payment collection and issuance of air ticket. This is to avoid auto cancellation of your flight reservation by the airline.
• In this respect, all flights are deemed as tentative booking only and maybe subject to auto cancellation at any time, without penalty on customer and any liability to Atis Global Travel unless the air tickets had been issued and full payment has been made and received by Atis Global Pte Ltd.
• This advantage of delaying ticket issuance will allow our customers to benefit from any new airfares promotions that may be introduced by the airlines later on from in between the time of booking to the point of ticket issuance, before the flight departure date.
06. Passenger's Contacts & Flight Schedule Changes

• Please provide your local and overseas Contact numbers and details in your flight booking for the airline to contact you in the event of any changes to the flight schedules so as to avoid missing of flight or seat cancellation.
• Passengers who have been issued their air tickets in days or weeks in advance prior to their departure dates are advised to review their flight schedule with the Atis Global travel's ticketing staff just 1 or 2 days before the the actual flight date to ensure that there are no subsequent changes by the airlines.
• Airlines reserve the right to cancel, re-route or alter the timing of their flights even after the tickets have been issued. In such events, the airline will provide alternative flights for your considerations. If you do not wish accept the airline's alternatives, fare cancellations and amendment policy still apply. Note that there will be an administrative fee of up to S$100 imposed, on top of the existing fare's cancellation and amendment fee if any in the event if you wish to cancel your flight or make amendments.
07. Non-Transferable

• All bookings made with Atis Global Pte Ltd is non-transferable to another travel agent and non-transferable to another passenger's name.
08. Penalty & Admin Charges

• Please note that flight reservation is free of charge and the booking may be canceled at any time before tickets are issued.
• Upon issuance of ticket and guarantee arrangement with our overseas suppliers, penalty charges and admin fees are applied for any amendment or cancellation of booking.
• To avoid such penalties, passengers are advised to check all bookings itinerary to ensure accuracy in passenger's details such as names, departure dates, land arrangement confirmation including hotel name, room category, check-in/check-out date, etc before requesting your tickets to be issued.
09. Booking Conditions & Disclaimers

• Payment of partial deposit does not imply or constitute to the confirmation of flight seats or hotel accommodations, or any packages bookings.
• In the event that the booking can not be confirmed, a full refund of any deposit made will be returned to the customer without further liability on Atis Global Pte Ltd.
• All request of amendments are subject to Airline/provider's approval.
• Once payment is made and the tickets are issued and any other arrangement have been confirmed, penalty charges and amendment fees apply.
• In the event of an unsuccessful flight, hotel, transfer, sightseeing or any other arrangements or changes in the prices or auto-cancellation of flights, Atis Global Pte Ltd's liability shall be limited only to the refund of any deposit or payment prior for the booking by customer.
• Atis Global Pte Ltd shall not be held liable for any consequential damages for any direct or indirect loses, or additional out of pocket costs or expenses arising out of any aborted trips or changes in trip arrangements due to any errors or omissions in the bookings.
• Atis Global Pte Ltd's liability, under whatever circumstances, shall be limited only to the full refund of any deposit or payment already made by the passenger.
10. Unaccompanied Minor

• Any passenger below the age of 17 of age and traveling alone is considered as a "Unaccompanied minor". It is important to inform us thoroughly upon booking so that special arrangements can be made to facilitate flight and prevent any rejection for boarding upon check in.
11. Child Fares
• Child : 2 – 11 years old.
• A child must not reach his/her 12th years of age at point of return flight journey.
• If the birthday of child exceeds 12 years old at the point of return trip, then the next higher fare is applied and must be purchased separately for the the return flight journey.
• Depending on the type of ticket purchased, please note that there may be no refund value of the infant ticket portion that is not utilized.
12. Infant Fares

• Infant: below 2 years old
• Note that there is not seat provided for infant fare.
• An infant must not reach his/her 2nd years of age at point of return flight journey.
• If the birthday of the child exceeds 2nd birthday, then the next higher fare is applied and must be purchased separately for the the return flight journey.
• Depending on the type of ticket purchased, please note that there may be no refund value of the infant ticket portion that is not utilized.
13. Customer Support

• During office business hour, place contact our Customer Service at Tel: (65) 6220 6448 for any assistance.
• For urgent or emergencies after office hours, please contact our Emergency contact s at Tel: (65) 9339 7239
14. Flight Reconfirmation

• Please re-confirm all onward flight journey if it is required by the airline that you are traveling on, so as to avoid losing your seats that is confirmed previously.
• If you should missed your flight on the first segment of your flight booking, it is important to immediately contact the airline or your travel agent to reconfirm all subsequent segments as some airlines may automatically cancel the remaining portions.
15. Flight Meal Request

• If you have any special needs or meal request, please let us know at point of booking or in advance so that we can put up the requests with the respective airlines.
16. Flight Seat Request
• Selection of seat varies among difference classes of service and airlines, to book the right seat for yourself, please call us early and in advance so that we can put up your seat request to the airline.
17. Special Needs
• If you have any special needs, please feel free to let us know and we will put up your request to the airline accordingly.
18. Baggage Allowance
• Different airlines have different policies regarding baggage allowance. Please check respective airline on the baggage allowances.


19. Package/Product Rights
• Atis Global Pte Ltd reserve the rights for any alteration of packages and promotions that may arise due to limitations or availability issues.