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5 Days Bali:Nyang Beach-Penglipuran Village-Kintamani Volcano-Tanah Lot-Class Bottom-Bradja Shandi M't Private Tour_A
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  • 2 ways airport transfer (Airport - Hotel -Airport)
  • 4 Nights' accommodation stay 4 star Fontana Hotel or Similar hotel with daily breakfast
  • Everyday local cuisine for all lunch and dinner as per itinerary
  • Air-conditioned private for land transportation as per itinerary
  • All entrance fees as per itinerary
  • Tour guide services
Package Details

Day 01   ARRIVAL BALI - ULUWATU TEMPLE - NYANG - NYANG BEACH TEA TIME       (Dinner)                 

Upon arrival, meet & greet by local representative. Transfer in to hotel for check in, Uluwatu temple: the holly accient temple, this temple lokated at the level of 250 feet above sea level on the cliff south point or pura luhur.

Nyang -Nyang beach tea time: top of the hill beach .the beach is a “secret paradise” for surfer,   We could see the high waves.  It could be a great great place for pro surfers. Dinner will be provide at local restaurant.



Day 02   KINTAMANI VOLCANO-PENGLIPURAN VILLAGE-KEHEN TEMPLE     (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)                         

Rice terrace field: Terrace is one of the more popular rice terrace to visit. The rice terrace is designed very beautiful with exquisite hollowing rice field and precisely located           on the hill bank.

Kintamani volcano with a beautiful panorama with view to mount  and lake Batur with a cold temperature.

Kehen Temple is beautiful Hindu temple located in a foothills, It is one temple of monarchi temple, the temple under the aegis king while ceremony execution and contruction is delivered to lokal countyside custom. as a sanctum which is used as a altar(oath) for  empire functionary who disloyal to his obligation will incur the sapata or very horible anathema.            

Penglipuran village is a traditional country side owning unique characteristic life, socializing and culture.the natural nature and environment of  country side is designating                the pittance touch of modernization influence.                                

Red Wine Spa : red wine & scrub with have an effect to warm up your body, clean th toxic inside the body(detoxification),make your skin feel younger & shinning. treatmen: foot bath, red wine therapy, body scrub, flower bath, shower bath. Lunch and dinner at local restaurant.



Day 03   TANJUNG BENOA + GLASS BOTTOM  + TURTLE ISLAND  -TANAH LOT TEMPLE    (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)        

Glass bottom + Turtle Island: can see the fish glass bottom boat is a boat with sections of glass, or other suitable transparent material, below the waterline allowing passengers to observe the underwater environment. from within the boat. The view through the glass bottom is better than simply looking into the water from above, because one does not have to look through optically erratic surface disturbances.

During on the way to tutle island home made coffee factory: The tastes of coffee depend on where it is planted and how it is processed and prepared. Therefore, prior to serving, coffee has to go through lengthy processing and special recipes help generate excellent flavours to enable consumers to identify their favourite coffee, coffee producers acquire a trademark which guarantees consumer satisfaction bird nest factory Lunch & dinner at local Restaurant

Tanah lot Temple: This temple is very famous among tourist destinations in Bali with spectacular view of sunset. At some nooks of coral reef around Tanah Lot Temple there are holy tame snake in black and white color where according to the local society believe that it as a deity property and as the guard of the temple from bad influence.      




Bradja Shandi Monument: this monument built in the year 1987,the purpose of this monument is to immortalize the soul and spirit of Balinese people stuggle, at the one blow dig, looking after developing and also preserve . the culture of bali to be bequathed to a router generation as advancing capital stoke tread a world of loaded progressively with the challenge and resistence. bird nest factory, Balinese massage 2 hour. Lunch will be provide at local restaurant      



Day 05   BALI DEPARTURE      (Breakfast)              

After breakfast at your hotel, free at own leisure or optional tour until time for hotel check out. Transfer to airport. End of program.  


 第 1 天:抵达巴里岛 - 乌鲁瓦图情人崖 - 海景下午茶   (晚餐)  

抵达后,由专人接机,然后送往酒店, 前往游览: [乌鲁瓦图神庙] 乌鲁瓦图寺 (Pura Uluwatu) ,座落在巴厘岛南部半岛的的悬崖上,也就是建筑在著名的乌鲁瓦图断崖之上,是是巴里岛六大圣庙之一,也是巴厘岛最古老和最具历史价值的寺庙。乌鲁瓦图寺因其极具特色的印度教建筑和夜间的宗教歌舞表演而享誉海内外,成为了巴厘岛不可不去的景点。


在矗立于悬崖上的 【NYANG NYANG BEACH】喝个下午茶 ,您可在此欣赏壮阔的海天一色美景,自然的鬼斧 神工、磅礴气势展露无遗,崖高数十公尺的悬崖峭壁可高处眺望印度洋辽阔海景,开始酝酿属于巴厘岛特有悠闲假期。


 第 2 天:金塔玛尼火山 (Kintamani Volcano) + 彭丽普兰村(Penglipuran Village) + 凯亨寺(Kehen Temple)     (早,中,晚餐)

早餐后,前往金塔马尼,这里的风景十分美丽,沿路上可以一路都能看到风景宜人的[水稻梯田],绿油油的梯田镶嵌在椰子树下,清新的空气弥漫着山野的味道。梯田随着山势连绵而下,水源源不断从山上流下注入稻田、滋润禾苗,搭配着青山和椰树,蜿蜒的梯田线条十分迷人。在这里你会发现很多明信片和摄影作品上熟悉的场景,点缀在田野间的椰树与梯田交相呼应,远方则是雄伟的火山背景,热带丛林与田园风光的完美契合让这里显得与众不同,令人叹为观止的梯田景致。然后游览金塔马尼火山[Kintamani volcano]是巴里岛上一个著名的景点,位于巴厘岛中部偏北的山区,以其雄壮、瑰丽的高山景观着称,壮观的金塔马尼火山的景色每年都吸引着络绎不绝的来自世界, 各国的游客。以海拔1717米的巴杜山(Gunung Batur)为中心,是一座活火山,上一次喷发是1963年。欣赏雄伟壮观的巴杜尔活火山美丽的景色 (约海拔1400米)

[凯亨寺] (Kehen Temple) 位于巴厘岛城的最北部。这里曾是邦格力王朝首府所在地。凯亨寺的历史可推至公元9世纪,是仅次于母庙的第二大寺庙,一样同样供奉著许多神像,其沿著山壁而建,光从入口处就能感觉到这座庙宇的庄严深沈。

[Penglipuran Village] 是一个传统的印度尼西亚乡村,这里的居民拥有独具特色的生活方式,和传统文化。这里没有现代化都市的喧嚣,在Penglipuran Village,最大的特色就是当地的建筑除了家庭居住之外大多为木质结构。


 第 3 天:南湾水上中心 – 乘坐玻璃底船 - 海龟岛  - 海神庙   (早/午/晚餐)

早餐后, 前往[南湾 Tanjung Benoa]水上活动区。这里可供游客大玩特玩的水上活动包括:水上摩托车,滑水,降落伞,香蕉船(水上活动全自费)。

[玻璃底船 (Glass Bottom Boat)] ,乘坐玻璃底船的船底由玻璃或者其他透明材料制成,游客可以在船上透过玻璃船底探索水线之下的奇妙的海洋世界,欣赏美丽的珊瑚及成群的热带鱼,通过这样的视角所呈现出的水下美景是完全真实的,并不同于简简单单从水面上俯视所看到的被各种光线干扰而形成的景色。

 [海龟岛 (Turtle Island)] ,海龟岛在巴厘岛的南端,属于南湾景区,据说这里是东南亚最重要的海龟产卵和孵化的地方,也是濒临绝种的绿海龟和玳瑁的最为安全的繁殖天堂。岛上饲养着很多海龟,有些海龟已经有百岁高龄了。岛上还有一些“少数居民”,比如说大嘴鸟、蝙蝠、蟒蛇、蜥蜴等。这些动物都可以免费的合照,只要你有足够的胆量就可以和这些动物亲密接触了。

最后将前往 [海神庙] (Tanah lot Temple)—以其壮丽的日落美景而被世界各地的游客所知,是巴厘岛有名的景点之一。该庙始建于16世纪,坐落在海边一块巨大的岩石上,每逢潮涨之时,岩石被海水包围,整座寺庙与陆地隔绝,孤零零地矗立在海水中;只在落潮时才与陆地相连。据说涨潮时海神庙如一座水上楼阁漂浮在海平面上,在一些珊瑚礁的角落处,居住着黑白相间的千年海蛇,它们被看做是神的使者保护着这座庙宇免收邪恶力量的侵蚀。

[咖 啡梦工厂Coffee Factory]-参观咖啡制作过程品尝香醇咖啡让您在异国的风情中更添加 浓浓的异国香情。咖啡的口味取决于在那里种植以及它是如何处理和制备。因此,服务之前,咖啡要经过漫长的处理和特殊配方有助于产生优良的口味,使消费者能够识别他们喜爱的咖啡,咖啡生产商获得保证消费者的商标。


 第 4 天:Bradja山地纪念碑 -  燕窝工厂 -  2小时招牌按摩   (早,中,晚餐)

早餐后, 参观 [Bradja山地纪念碑]-巴厘岛最大 的纪念碑, 建立于1987年, 这碑描绘巴厘岛历史方面。继续参观燕窝工厂它是一种可食用的金丝燕燕窝工厂化养殖,在传统中的燕窝汤同名的成分。

经过4天的游玩,想必大家都累了,接下来享受招牌按摩—[双人四手按摩], 由两位芳疗按摩师为您进行全身按摩,两位芳疗师必须调整其动作及呼吸,以一致的节奏为您按摩,其力道方向都搭配得天衣无缝,使您通体舒畅 !


 第 5 天:巴厘岛  -  返回    (早餐)


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