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8 Days Splendid Formosa: Alishan + Railway - E-Da World Theme Park - Fo Guang Shan (ATNTR8)
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Tour Code : ATNTR8


Departure date 2017

JAN: 07, 14                   FEB: 04, 18           

MAR: 04, 11, 18, 25*Extension Night self arrangment      

APR: 01, 08, 15, 22, 29            

MAY: 06, 13, 20, 27       JUN: 03, 10, 17, 24    

JULY: 08, 22                   AUG: 05, 19       

SEP: 02, 16                      OCT: 07, 14, 21, 28  

NOV: 04, 11, 18, 25        DEC: 02, 09, 16, 23*Extension Night self arrangment



Package Includes:

7 nights' accommodation at 4-star hotel with daily breakfast

2 ways airport transfer (airport - hotel - airport)

Air-conditioned coach for land transportation as per itinerary

All entrance fees as per itinerary

Tour conducted in Mandarin Speaking tour guide service


Package Details


Day 1: Arrival Taoyuan International Airport   (No Meal)

Upon arrival Taoyuan International Airport, transfer to hotel check in & free and leisure.

  • Hotel: 3*Taipei Paradise Hotel or Similar

Day 2: C.K.S. Memorial Hall - Biscuits Shop - Yehliu-incl. TKT -  Chiufen - Xueshan Tunnel /Suahua Scenic Road    (Breakfast, Dinner)
【C.K.S Memorial Hall】The most magnificent monuments in Taipei, it commemorate the passing of President Chiang Kai-shek.【Yehliu】The natural rock formations of Yeliu are an amazing array ofartistic shapes created by erosion and other natural forces.【Chiufen】Once the mountain town abandoned after digging gold fever subsided, the town is bustling again because of the movie "City of Sadness" and becomes as the most popular and longest old street in Taiwan.【Xueshan Tunnel】Xueshan Tunnel with length of 12.9 km, is the longest highway tunnel in Taiwan , the second longest road tunnel in Asia, and ranked fifth in the world. The tunnel goes through the snow-capped mountains so named " Hsueshan Tunnel”.

  • Hotel: 3* Hualien KKS Hotel or similar

Day 3: Taroko Gorge - Taroko Memorial Arch Building - Changchun Temple  - Swallow Grotto - Lingzhi Museum - Sanxiantai - Pisilian   (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
【Taroko Gorge】he magnificent gorge was formed by rushing waters from the mountains, which cut through the marble and granite to create many beautiful narrow ravines with waterfalls and rapids.【Changchun Temple】Spring water adjacent to it flows all year round with a waterfall that passes under the shrine and is very picturesque.【Swallow Grotto】 This part of Taroko Gorge is composed of marble cliff faces covered with small holes, the result of long-term erosion by river and ground water. House swifts and Pacific swallows often forage and nest here, giving the place its name.【Sanxiantai】Sanxiantai is one of the most popular scenic spots in East Coast. You can find out more about these natural wonders and ecology of this area.【Pisilian】At first, that is the name of the coast, but in reality is hidden in Sanxiantai north, a small indigenous tribe.

  • Hotel: 4* East Seacoast Resort Hotel or similar

Day 4: E-DA World Theme Park- incl. TKT (Stop over 2.5H) - Fo Guang Shan - Rueifong Night Market (Stop over 2H)     (Breakfast)
【E-DA World Theme Park】E-DA Theme Park built in Greece construction style. The Park is divided into three main areas: "Acropolis" with elegant style, "Santorini City" with romantic style and mythical "Trojan Castle". There are 47 facilities in the park with the most exquisite architectural scene. 【Fo Guang Shan】 Here you will find the Buddhist center of South Taiwan, established my Master Hsing Yun and his disciples. The architecture of the temples is very characteristic, and at the southeastern side of Fo Gunag Shan Monastery the most prominent landmark of the region is found: a huge golden statue of Buddha Amitaabha which measures some 120 meters.【Rueifong Night Market】Ruifeng Night Market snacks not only cheap but also very delicious, each has its own exclusive tastes, ingredients used are also real materials, often fabulous, memorable.

  • Hotel: 4*Kaohsiung City Suites Kaohsiung or similar

Day 5: Pearl Center - Eternity Suspension Bridges - Alishan Forest Park -incl. TKT - Take a train – Sister Pond - Shouzhen Temple   (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
【Eternity Suspension Bridges】Permanence bridge were two different bridge, the lower is the ground for a long suspension bridge, suspension bridge height was Tianchang, where often seen in pairs of lovers strolling in the bridge, down from the upper deck overlooking the field of vision is more empty wide. 【Alishan Forest Park】Alishan Forest Park : Alishan is very famous for the sunrise view and the cloud . The clouds are so dense and thick that the mountain disappear like islands on the cloud ocean. The best time to watch the cloud season is autumn and visitors can go to Ziyun Temple, Alishan Hotel, Alishan Rail Station, Zaoping Park and the first parking lot.

  • Hotel: 3*Alishan Gou Hotel or similar

Day 6: Jiji Railway Station - Sun Moon Lake - Wen Wu Temple -  Peacock Garden - Aboriginal Products Shop - Taiwan Tea Center - Fengjia Night Market (Stop over 2H)      (Breakfast, Lunch)
【Jiji Railway Station】Located in the railroad culture-based tourism to the town, "Jiji, Nantou County," the main station building is a plain cypress wood crafted, very elegant appearance.【Sun Moon Lake】Is the only nature big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Lalu Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake(Cruise lake Own Expenses).【Wen Wu Temple】Located in the northern waist, dedicated to Confucius, Yue Feiamd Guan Yu, named after temples built along the mountain.【Peacock Garden】Peacock Park was founded in 1968. It is a mini zoo located by the ring road of Sun Moon Lake. In order to beautify of the Sun Moon Lake, late president Chiang Kai-shek asked General He Ying-qin and Provincial Minister Huang Jie and so on to build this park for tourists visiting for free.【Fengjia Night Market】Biggest and most comprehensive night market in Taichung offering a wild array of Taiwanese delicacies, drinks, food shops and fashion goods.

  • Hotel: 4*Taichung I-Deal Hotel or similar

Day 7: Martyr’s Shrine - Tianlu Arts Center - Fisherman’s Wharf - Danshui Old Street - Shihlin Night Market (Stop over 2H)       (Breakfast, Lunch)
【Martyr’s Shrine】Built to dedicate to the 390,000 soldiers killed in the service of their country.【Fisherman's Wharf】Located in the conjunction of Tamsui River and the sea. You can enjoy scenery of Kwun Yin Shan and the Tamsui River scenery. It is a good place for family activities and leisure. The Lovers' Bridge, built in 2003, is a beautiful landmark in Tamsui and became a popular place of dating.【Danshui Old Street】Danshui old street is a combination of food, snacks and old buildings with folk colors and nostalgic flavor. The most popular traditional snacks Agei and Iron Egg are worth to try.【Shihlin Night Market】It is one of the most popular night markets in Taipei City, known for its traditional snacks such as chicken steak, smelly tofu, oyster dumplings, Shihlin sausages and more. Shihlin Night Market is not only good for food but also a good choice of shopping.

  • Hotel: 3*Taipei Paradise Hotel or Similar

Day 8:Taipei – Taoyuan International Airport – Sweet Home        (Breakfast)
Free activities, to designated collection time Transfer to airport for flight back home.

Shopping Stop : Aboriginal 、Pearl、Tea、Tianlu

*Any discrepancies please refer to the Chinese itinerary for accuracy.


第 1 天:抵达桃园机场

  • 入住:3*台北伊乐园、峇里商旅或同级

第 2 天:台北中正纪念堂 - 台湾伴手礼店 - 野柳(包门票) - 九份/雪山隧道(途经) - 苏花公路 - 夜宿花莲 (早餐 晚餐:灵芝养生料理)
【中正纪念堂】是台北最宏伟的纪念性建筑,它是”先总统”蒋介石的纪念馆。 【野柳】野柳岩石因风化、海蚀作用显得鬼斧神工,其中又以「女王头」、「烛台石」等最为有名。 【九份】是昔日台湾的采金矿中心,环山面海,拥有变化多端的山海美景,保有纯朴的旧日生活风貌。 【雪山隧道】雪山隧道,原名坪林隧道,简称雪隧,是台湾第一、全世界第五长的公路隧道,为蒋渭水高速公路的一部份,位在新北市坪林区与宜兰县头城镇之间。

  • 入住:3*花莲国广兴饭店或同级

第 3 天: 花莲太鲁阁国家公园 - 牌坊 - 长春祠 - 燕子口步道 - 野生灵芝馆 - 台东三仙台 - 比西里岸 (早餐 午餐:阿美风味餐 晚餐:海鲜料理)
【太鲁阁国家公园】以大理岩峡谷景观闻名,崖壁峭立,景致清幽,「太鲁阁幽峡」因而名列台湾八景之一。 【长春祠】于太鲁阁国家公园内,清新的泉水自山壁涌出,形成「长春飞瀑」。周围具环形步道,可饱览峡谷及曲流风光。 【燕子口步道】燕子口是指中横公路距靳珩公园约500公尺的大理尺峡谷峭壁上,无数小岩洞的奇景。 【三仙台】位于成功镇市区东北方约三公里处,由离岸小岛、珊瑚礁海岸及碎石海岸所构成,面积约22公顷。 【比西里岸】比西里岸(Pisilian),乍听之下,以为是海岸的名称,实则为隐身在三仙台北方,一个小小的原住民部落。

  • 入住:4*台东东海岸海景渡假饭店或同级

第 4 天:高雄义大游乐世界 - 包门票(停留2.5H) - 佛光山 - 瑞丰夜市(停留2H) (早餐)
【义大游乐世界】台湾唯一希腊情境主题乐园,50项游乐设施独冠全台。位于户外高达55公尺的『天旋地转』,落差33公尺的『飞越爱情海』,还有亚洲唯一U型滑板『极限挑战』,让你体验疯狂急转、高空震撼! 【佛光山】为台湾地区第一座十方丛林,其中论建筑的气派、庙宇的宽广,佛像的雕塑,庭院的规划,殿阁的布置等皆与众不同,独树一格。 【瑞丰夜市】瑞丰夜市的小吃不但平价还非常美味可口,各家都有属于自己的独家口味,使用的食材也是真材实料,往往让人垂涎欲滴,回味无穷。

  • 入住:4*高雄城市商旅、国际星辰饭店或同级

第 5 天:珍珠推广中心 - 嘉义天长地久桥 - 阿里山森林游乐园区(包门票) - 乘小火车 - 姊妹潭 - 芬多精森林浴 - 受镇宫 (早餐 午餐:台湾料理 晚餐:高山风味餐)
【天长地久桥】天长地久桥分别为两个不同的吊桥,低处是地久吊桥、高处则为天长吊桥,在这里常可见双双对对的情侣漫步于桥上,由桥面上往下俯瞰,视野更为空阔。 【阿里山森林游乐区】阿里山地区横跨台湾森林垂直分布之热、暖、温三带,蕴藏丰富的森林资源,尤以桧木名闻国际,漫步林间随处可见。
【姊妹潭】为两个大小不一的高山湖泊,相传是两位山地姊妹追求爱情不果,相偕殉情的地方。 【受镇宫】1969年改建的受镇宫是园区内规模最大的寺庙,亦是当地人的信仰中心。

  • 入住:3*阿里山阁、龙云山庄或同级

第 6 天:南投集集火车站 - 日月潭 - 文武庙 - 孔雀园 - 邵族文物特产馆 - 台湾茶园 - 逢甲夜市(停留2H) (早餐 午餐:邵族风味餐)
【集集火车站】位在以铁道文化为主的观光小镇「南投县集集镇」,车站主体是以纯桧木建材打造而成,外型极为典雅拙朴。 【日月潭】景色优美,南形如月弧,北形如日轮,「双潭秋月」为台湾的八景之一(游船自费)。 【文武庙】前后共有三个殿,依序为拜殿、武圣殿、大成殿。庙宇以金黄色为主,巍峨耸立,气势非凡。【孔雀园】是环湖公路一座迷你动物园,饲养两百多只孔雀及名贵禽鸟。 【逢甲夜市】台湾最大观光夜市,以「俗搁大碗」著名全台,这里的特色小吃,也号称全台第一,多元丰富。

  • 入住:4*台中创意时尚、城市商旅、台中一中或同级

第 7 天:台北忠烈祠 - 天禄貔貅招财馆 - 淡水渔人码头/淡水老街 - 士林夜市(停留2H) (早餐 午餐:台式火锅)
【忠烈祠】位在圆山饭店北侧,背倚青山,面临基隆河。每小时卫兵交接换哨仪式,更是蔚为特色,值得一看。 【渔人码头】东连大屯山,西隔淡水河与观音山相望,名闻遐迩的淡江夕照于此可以一览无遗。 【淡水老街】老街保留了当年旧建筑的屋舍​​风采,集美食、小吃于一身,具民俗色彩与怀旧风味。 【士林夜市】台北市最具规模的夜市之一,品尝豪大鸡排、士林大香肠等知名小吃,也可在此享受购物服饰的乐趣。

  • 入住:3*台北伊乐园、峇里商旅或同级

第 8 天:台北-桃园机场-甜蜜的家 (早餐)


General Information

Package Excludes:

  • Return air ticket and airport taxes (SIN/TPE/SIN)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Visa require
  • Personal expenses
  • Service fee for guide and driver:SGD37 Per person for 8 Days Tour (Compulsory charge in Singapore)


Important Notice:

  • 25 May & 23Dec 2017. Extension night yourself arrangment
  • Pax can NOT choose hotel.  Hotels may only be advised (by latest) 1 week before departure.
  • No cancellation or amendment allowed for guaranteed bookings.
  • Child ≧ 10Years, can not allowed child no bed, pls notice.
  • Chinese Speaking Local Guide
  • Tour closed 10Days before departure, Please call or email to check availablility before taking in booking.